Khwaja-e-Khwajgaan, Siraj-Ul-Salikeen, Mujaddid-e-Silsal-e-Soharwardia, Shiekh-Ul-Islam Hazrat Syed Abul Faiz Qalandar Ali Shah Soharwardi (May Allah’s blessings upon him) (Rahmatullah Alaih),

was born in 1314 Hijri by 1895 AD in Sialkot. His father Hazrat Allama Syed Rasool Baksh (May Allah’s blessings upon him) was Hafiz-e-Quran. His family was a well known in the locality due to their knowledge and practice of Islamic teachings. He inherited knowledge and wisdom from his family. Sheikh-Ul-Islam genealogy meets with Qutb-e-Rabbani Ghous-e-Samdani Hazrat Syed Abdul Qadir Jeelani Al-Baghdadi (May Allah’s blessings upon him) with 24 connections and chain oath of allegiance meets with Hujjat-e-Fakhr-o-Fakhri Sheikh-Ul-Shuyookh Hazrat Sheikh Shahabuddin Umar Soharwardi (May Allah’s blessings upon him) with 19 connections. After receipt of initial education, Sheikh-Ul-Islam got degree in religious education from Madras-e-Naumania, Lahore and then got the education in Hadith and Fiqh from Imam-e-Ahle-Sunnat Hazrat Ahmed Raza Khan Fazil-e-Brelevi (May Allah’s blessings upon him). He also got the education in Philosophy, Logic, Scripture and Tafseer and returned to home country. After getting Ilm-e-Shariah, he approached for Ilm-e-Tareeqat and in this connection he presented himself in the Bargah-e-Alia of Saif-e-Chisht Hazrat Syed Mehar Ali Shah Golrhwi (May Allah’s blessings upon him) and Qutb-e-Alam Hazrat Mian Sher Mohammad Sharaqpuri (May Allah’s blessings upon him). Both Ashab-e-Ba-Suffa gave him the instructions to join Silsala-e-Soharwardia. Hence he presented himself in the Bargah-e-Alia of Sultan-ul-Aarfeen, Khuwaj-e-Khuwajgan-e-Soharward Qutb-e-Alam Hazrat Mian Ghulam Mohammad Soharwardi (May Allah’s blessings upon him) who was “Arif-e-Kamil” and “Alim-e-be-Misal” and became the Disciple. Sheikh-ul-Islam was the practical model of “Sunnah” and discouraged the wrong innovations in Islam. During his speeches he used to interpret the holy “Quran” in a very simple way so that the listeners were amazed and got the meanings very easily. Sheikh-ul-Islam was holding the balanced personality, kind, loving and hospitable. Always sit among their disciples and introduced them by calling friends. He was very patient, humble and had controlled on anger, but never compromised and straight forward in religious affairs. He spent most of his daily time in prayers and giving speeches to Muslims on beliefs, Tafseer, Hadith, Fiqh, principles and Sufism. He wrote more than 21 books on various topics and delivered countless speeches on various Islamic topics. In last days of his life he was suffering from fever and in this condition he met with Allah Rab-Ul-Izzat on 27 Safar 1377 Hijri by 1958 AD at the age of 63 years.